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Prof. Sarah Hormozi’s talk appears on the cover of the Journal of Rheology

Sarah Hormozi’s talk at the Physics of Dense Suspension Symposium appeared on the cover of the Journal of Rheology in November (Vol. 64, No. 6).  The Hormozi research team has designed a frictionless model suspension and characterized its rheology across multiple lengths for the first time by performing atomic force microscopy and conventional rheometry experiments. The results indicate the presence of inertial effects in an overdamped system of suspension close to jamming. These experimental findings do not entirely follow the current theoretical paradigms and add to open-ended questions in condensed matter physics.  The comprehensive experimental measurements are the first in the physics of dense suspension and provide a basis for developing theoretical and computational work. 

A link to Prof. Hormozi’s cover is provided here:

Kaleigh Rose Soucy • December 7, 2020

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