The Hormozi Laboratory



  • Olin Hall


The Hormozi Lab group’s investigations primarily focus on the understanding of real-world transport and fluid mechanics problems through a mechanistic lens. Our work involves large core computations, advanced lab-scale experiments, and applied mathematical techniques.

Several acting research directions include advanced materials, bioengineering, and energy and the environment. Under advanced materials, our work includes fundamental studies of soft matter physics to systematically engineer new soft matter. Within bioengineering, our research is focused on understanding the motility, mechanics, and specific needs of bacteria in several environments, e.g. mucus. Tackling the research area of clean energy, the lab will also be investigating geothermal heating sources. All of these research areas are highly coupled with fluid mechanics and transport.

Join us for weekly Soft Matter Discussions with the Cornell Soft Matter Hub. These seminars were organized by Professor Hormozi and Professor Abbott. Visit Cornell Soft Matter Hub for more information.


Our laboratory invites applications for Post-doctoral, Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. researchers. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to learn about the admission process at Cornell University. Candidates are sought in all technical subdisciplines of fluid mechanics, rheology, and soft matter physics. Ideal candidates include those with a strong background and publication record in theoretical, experimental, and computational research. Qualified candidates, please send your Curriculum Vitae to