The Hormozi Laboratory

Celebrating the end of the year with many pieces of excellent News:

The Hormozi Lab celebrated Jonathan and Kaleigh’s graduation, papers of the lab on bacterial motility and rolling resistance in suspensions, welcoming new members to Hormozi’s lab (Sotoodeh, Mehryar, Aaaron, and Sudharshan).

The Hormozi Lab will be attending the AIChE and APS-DFD Conferences

The AIChE Conference will be held in Phoenix, AR from November 13th through November 18th. The Hormozi Lab will be presenting two talks: Tuesday, November 15th at 8:15 AM– 242b Toward Understanding the Viscous and Inertial Nonlocal Rheology of Dense Suspensions by Sarah Hormozi Tuesday, November 15th at 2:30 PM– 311i A Swimming Bacterium in…

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The Hormozi Lab Receives Funding for a New Research Project

The Hormozi Lab has recently received funding to start a new project which focuses on Viscous and Inertial Nonlocal Rheology of Dense Suspensions of Frictionless Particles (a collaborative project with Professor Koch).  This project is essential to avoid or reduce the impacts of natural disasters. The Hormozi Lab would like to thank the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its support, and…

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Granular Matter Gordon Research Conference 2022

Congratulations to Enzo and Nishanth for a successful presentation of their work at the Granular Matter Gordon Research Conference 2022

Memorable day at Cornell University: Drilling starts for the geothermal project

Pictured: Professor Tester, Professor Alabi, Professor Hormozi, and Professor Fulton

Congratulations to Professor Hormozi for a successful semester

Thank you to Professor Hormozi for her great teaching last semester in CHEME 3230: Fluid Mechanics.

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